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The Simplest Way to Launch a New Business or Product

Dean Street Society

Launch your online business or offering in 3-30 days
Less procrastination & overwhelm, more revenue & confidence
Love, it’s time to stop consuming content, and start creating more of it. 
Do you have an idea for a online business or offering, but feel overwhelmed about how to get it out there and then grow it?
You feel like you’re one puzzle piece short of understanding how to launch a business or a product, how to find people or get them to buy more of it?

You spend hours listening to classes, podcasts, working on your emails, your Instagram… but you aren’t as proud as you want to be of what you’ve accomplished in the last month?
You might be disappointed in yourself that you’ve said you’re going to do this, but keep pushing back the date, or it still isn’t making enough money. Afraid of what people will think, or just your own shame if you can’t get your act together to actually do it this time, or really make enough income from it.

The concept of launching, of all the elements that go into it, is incredibly overwhelming. Even years into business, past making 6-figures, we wish someone would give us a 10 step map. Heck if it’s an 89 step map that’s okay too, just tell me what to do first and next and after that! 

(Hint: If you’re years into business but still feel like you’re kind of just faking it, you’re not alone.) 

After years of hearing this yearning from fellow entrepreneurs,
I discovered two ways to provide the relief and empowerment my students were longing for:


Business Unlocked: Storytelling + Human Psychology

By explaining business not as what to do, but why we do it, I saw my students’ eyes light up. Once I empowered them to understand the story and psychology happening in every element and step of business, they could see they had the wisdom and creativity inside of them. 

Suddenly they weren’t waiting for someone else to give them the answer, they understood the question to ask and that they’re more talented at business than they ever realized, because they understand stories and they understand people.


Business Unstuck: A map with timed deadlines

This is what we all want, so I’ve created it. Is it the only map, only way to launch a business or product? Nope. But it’s one way, and it’s with one timeframe:

3-30 days. Based on 3 different student archetypes, based on your business stage and goals, as well as the time you have to invest whether 8 hours for 3 days or 3 hours a week for a month. The progress, confidence, and experience that comes from taking action, is a wild relief. 

It’s an invitation to be guided and have things decided, so more of your energy goes into creation, you’re saved from your own analysis paralysis, and have accountability to celebrate a firm success of having launched in just weeks or even days!

This map is the same one I used to launch this very course. I made modifications thanks to ears in business and getting to know my audience, which you can do as well, meaning this framework will serve you for a business lifetime.

This storytelling and human psychology -- understanding both our customers and ourselves -- is why students find my teaching not just business changing, but life changing.  And it’s my passion. Without this, business to me is data, spreadsheets, widgets, to do lists. It’s masculine, tiring, and ever threatening that one new missing puzzle piece I don’t know. With this approach, I’m a creative, growing personally, building relationships, helping humans, and empowered without waiting for any coach, course or webinar to save me. 

Whether you’re working to make your first $500/month, a $50k salary, or grow a $1.5M business, these are the mindsets and strategies that helped me do all three from zero business background or following, to a multi-million dollar business and community.

What kind of business is Creative Business Accelerator right for?

• Coaching, teaching, training, 1-on-1 or small group, virtual or in person

• Course or online class whether live or pre-recorded, virtually or in person

• A service you’re ready to be hired for tomorrow whether graphic design, cooking, photography, hair styling, counseling, social media and beyond

• This course is NOT right for you if you’re looking to start a brick and mortar physical business in the next month (i.e. yoga studio) or a product that you need to source materials for (i.e. supplies for making candles). Both of those business models take more time, and our focus is on the skillsets we have to monetize immediately without additional financial investment or time delays.

What stage of business is Creative Business Accelerator right for?

• You can be a professional looking to add a side component to your work. A high school music teacher who wants to start private voice lessons, a makeup artist on film sets considering creating a course for everyday women, or interior designer at a corporate firm beginning personal consults on the side.

• You can be starting a brand new business for the first time. Whether as a wellness coach, an MLM, children’s speech therapist, painter of homes or portraits of families. 

• You can be launching a new product within your existing business such as a wedding photographer expanding to coach fellow photographers, a clothing stylist creating her second course, or a therapist hosting their first group retreats. 

Here’s how the Creative Business Accelerator works:

• Inside you’ll find three student tracks. Choose the one that sounds most similar to your business and stage.

• You may find your track skips a few steps that aren’t as relevant or you already have ready to go. We’re not here to over-complicate or do busy work, only what matters specifically to your business.

• You’ll also find an estimated time for each action. You’re the CEO of your life, and at any time can decide actually you’d like to spend 2 hours on that task instead of making a decision in 30 minutes. But if you’re looking for accountability and virtual coaching, this is the closest and most affordable method you’ll find. Stop the procrastination and overwhelm, and let’s. just. launch.

Here’s how Creative Business Accelerator works:


Get clear on your offer and where it fits into your bigger business vision.


Create your product outline + launch materials with these examples of what we cover:
  • How to price your product
  • Easily write the copy to drop into a sales page template, voila!
  • 4 S’s to sell more + increase sales page conversions
  • Simple ​email map including CTAs, lengths, emotional triggers
  • ​Track your KPIs (data we’ll analyze) as you LAUNCH!


Understand the big picture of how to grow your audience and revenue with The Funnel of Love including:
  • Create opt-ins for list building your second launch


Mindset tools for avoiding burnout, increasing confidence and clarity. 
  • Bonus: How to understand your launch data and how to improve it
PS Also an estimated timeline for each action, to bust through analysis paralysis! If you’re looking for accountability and coaching, this is the most affordable method you’ll find! Stop the procrastination and lets. just. launch.

Aside: You can grow your income and your confidence so much faster than you think.

When the Coronavirus struck in spring 2020 I watched members of my Elegant Excellence Mastermind create faster than they ever thought possible. Courses they expected would take four months to create, they launched in two days. Expansions to revenue streams they’d worried about for years, they simply tried in a week. They made income that was available to them all along, they had just been pushing it away with their fear and overwhelm.
Hear how Elegant Excellence Mastermind members have created income more quickly!
Decisions about the website design, business name, and branding have been holding me up for MONTHS. I just decided (for now) to use my personal name and skip the website for a simple landing page to be able to jump into serving clients quickly. This is progress for me - not agonizing over decisions and just learning and adjusting as I go. - Amy Bucciarelli
There has been a major shift in my mindset, which allowed me to mindmap my digital business plan for my art business in less than 2 hrs! As I am completely new to digital marketing. I tend to spend more time learning, reading, looking & listening vs. taking action ;-) Starting last week, I set aside time in my calendar, which is dedicated to taking action! -Birte
We ended up offering our most popular product so people can make it at home. We were aiming to launch this with a MUCH bigger strategy come fall, but it felt intuitively right to do it now. I want to support people during this time and this felt like an opportunity to do so. No bells and whistles. Total transparency and building a new product alongside my community feels GOOD. We profited the same in less than 24 hours that we do a month!! Your words, "progress over perfection" helped guide me through this entire process with the utmost of grace. - Devon Loftu
I put together and sold over a weekend (Friday-Sunday) a 30 Day Yoga, Mindfulness & Transformation Challenge to my small list of 60 and 10 people signed up! That was pretty awesome! - Dani Dunckley
I put together and sold oveThe Virtual Styling Social service came together very quickly. Did a Beta test and was ready to go. In one of your calls Hilary, you really hit home with me when you talked about things don't have to be perfect, just go for it. The very next day I posted my first video on Instagram Stories and have done several since. Very empowering as I am a perfectionist and also have a fear of not being good enough. - Robyn Balsley

I used to see the huge arc of projects (like creating and marketing a course) and would be too paralyzed to begin. But now I'm seeing each step to get to the goal as small, actionable steps. Our CEO Hours helped me narrow my focus, (finally!) start to create videos. I'm definitely focused less on perfection and more on what I can reasonably get done in these small bursts of time. It's actually refreshing. And it's empowering! Because once you let go of perfectionism and get just one thing done, it's easier to do another thing. Then another. And another. - Rachel Berg Scherer

I am able to pivot in general more quickly. I have an idea, do a quick gut check, check in with my sounding boards and start making it happen. I'm less afraid to try something and fail, giving myself more grace - Rebecca Nash Emerson

It became clear pretty quickly that I needed to list build a lot faster as my ad budget needed to be reduced drastically. So, I fleshed out two lead magnets that were only vague ideas before. One of them will be ready to launch at the end of the month. It's an MVP, but I can tweak and iterate and think I can convert it to my first digital offering to sell alongside my physical products. Pretty excited about that! - Michelle Semones
A few months earlier I’d been blown away watching my husband start a little side business as a hobby. He came in from our balcony to show me a website he’d just built in 90 minutes. What?! He just picked a template and stock photography, and yegads it looked amazing. “I have students spend three months to do what you did in an hour and a half,” I exclaimed. “There’s a teaching in here…” I watched him make similar decisions so much faster than myself or my students, and make progress faster.

The lessons of how, why and when this sort of swift launching succeeds I’ll walk you through inside the course. 
But hard as it is to hear I want you to own: You are delaying this. You are over-complicating this. 
Take my invitation and let’s stop learning by merely hearing, and learn 10x more by doing. I digress…
• Video classes are ready for you to press play anytime. You can power through in a day, or watch leisurely over weeks.
• Most classes come with PDFs for taking action. On each relevant step you take action, and THEN we move on. That means instead of merely watching a class, you reach the final video having created and sold a product (sneak peek: you actually sell it before we even reach the final module)
Let me repeat that:

In 3-30 days when you reach the final video you will have created and sold a product, while learning timeless mindset and strategy foundations for an elegant and excellent business.
This is Marketing and Mindset; Strategy plus Self-Awareness. You will grow in confidence and maturity as an entrepreneur both from the teaching, and from the accountability to take action.
Oh and if we haven’t met yet, hello!
I’m Hilary Rushford Collyer. I founded Dean Street Society as a 1-on-1 personal styling business in 2011.
• With no experience or connections, I slowly built it to include a style course, then entrepreneur courses, into a multiple 7-figure business.

• That puts me in the just 1.8% of women-owned businesses who make over $1M in revenue (according to a 2018 American Express study).

• Along the way I’ve taught over 35,000 entrepreneurs in my paid courses and coaching, and over 825,000 (yes, nearly 1 million business owners) in my free classes and webinars.
Running a business is not easy! It is not a walk in the park, or a get rich quick scheme, or passive income in your sleep. But, I realized that many of the people I look up to are actually workaholics, they love the chase.

I don’t. I love lazy Saturdays and wine on my balcony and spending a month in France, working remotely, but finishing the day with a picnic at the Eiffel Tower. I don't work weekends. I love my work, but I don’t want it to be the sole identity of my life, at the expense of my relationships, family, friends, faith, health or rest. I don’t claim to be perfect at it, but it is my heart to help folks who aspire to the same on the journey!

Creative Business Accelerator is valued at $997

However, I want to help entrepreneurs for whom that amount feels daunting, get this information now so you can start making income TO invest more in your business.

Celebrate in just 3-30 days at
$397 $197

*During this challenging time, I want to help even more individuals and families create more financial security for themselves so I’m launching at an even deeper discount for my first students.
25 CBA Scholarships for Black Entrepreneurs

While Dean Street Society as a team and community has always welcomed and celebrated diversity, we want to be even more intentional about creating communities that reflect our values. If we can remove the economic barrier to make it easier for our Black colleagues to join us, we want to do that. We humbly have exceedingly more to learn from and with one another. Simply send an email to with the subject “Black Scholarship” and we’ll honor the first 25 we receive.

P.S. Worry free 30 day money back guarantee

What if you get inside and Creative Business Accelerator isn’t right for you? First, please don’t buy if you just want to “check it out”. This program was created with love and integrity, for people ready and willing to take action. If you dive in and feel it’s not right for you, you can cancel within 30 days. I believe in this teaching, and want to make sure you’re thrilled in it!

Valued at $997

Join Creative Business Accelerator for just
$397 $197 (or 2 payments $99)

Don’t delay, darling. You’ve done so long enough.

You’re $197 away from celebrating your action, increasing your revenue + confidence...

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